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Officer of the day - What do they do?

You might have heard something about the Officer of the Day (OD) but do you know what this means?

Every day that there are games being played at the Fields of Dreams - including high school and tournaments - there are at least two board members on duty. Nearly 40 board members rotate through these shifts each month.

The OD is there to help managers, coaches, team moms, parents, players and umpires with anything BCB related. They check out umpire equipment, make sure games start on time, look out for player safety, and help managers with recording game scores and pitch counts.

They are also the ones responsible for turning on field lights, keeping rest rooms stocked, watching for inclement weather, closing up press boxes at night and pulling up bases and sweeping out the dugouts when teams forget following their games.

The OD can help get any question you might have answered. If you need help just stop by the administration building and look to see who is listed on the OD sign for that day. The OD name and contact phone number will be listed if you need to call them. Usually though, one OD is near the front desk or on the patio, just ask them for some help.

So, the next time you see the OD riding around the complex on the golf cart, thank these volunteers for all their efforts. They'll be the last ones to leave each night shutting off the lights and locking the gates making sure everyone leaves safely.

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