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BOardman Community Baseball
BOardman Community Baseball

2016 All Star teams announced
The 2016 boys and girls All Star team rosters are posted here.

2016 OD Schedule is now posted
Board members can follow this link to the 2016 OD schedule. If you can't make your scheduled slot, you are responsible for finding a replacement. •2016 OD Schedule

2016 BullPen Available
The 2016 edition of The Bullpen can be viewed here.

2016 Chuck Schafer Tournament Registration
Registration forms are now available for the 2016 Chuck Schafer Memorial Tournament. Follow this link to the Chuck Schafer Tournament Page.

2016 OH District 2 Little League Tournaments
Brackets will be posted soon for the 2016 OH D2 Tournaments.
Find them here.

2015 8U-9U BCB Tournament
Information and registration form now available for the 2015 8U and 9U tournament. Get them here.
UPDATED 7-16 results

2015 Chuck Schafer Scholarship
The 2015 Chuck Schafer Scholarship winners have been announced. Click here to jump to the Chuck Schafer Scholarship page for more information.

2015 BCB End of Year Tournaments
Brackets and standings for the BCB in-house End of Year tournaments are available here.

BCB Turns 60
In 1955 Disneyland and McDonalds opened, gas was 23 cents, the Brooklyn Dodgers won the World Series, the average annual income was $4,137 and Boardman Little League was founded.

Read more about the history of Boardman Community Baseball and The Fields of Dreams here.

BCB offering text alerts
BCB uses a text alert system that is free for anyone associated with the league. Receive a text when games are cancelled due to bad weather, field changes for games, updates and reminders for events, and more.
Follow this link for more info and to sign up.

Tournament Information

  Ohio District 2 Little League Tourn.
  Fields of Dreams Classic 2016
  Fields of Dreams Classic Memorial Day Baseball Tournament 2016
  8U-Coach Pitch & 9U Tournament
  Chuck Schafer Tournament
  2016 Edition of The Bullpen

Site Links

  Little League Bat Info
  Current List of Approved Bats
  2016 Season Schedules
  2016 Structure for BCB Leagues
  BCB Winter Baseball Training
  BCB Winter Softball Training
  Team Mom's Page
  Chuck Schafer Scholarship
  Lightning Safety
  Who Are We?
  Officer of the Day
  Pitch Count Record

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Little League Pledge

I trust in God
I love my country
And will respect its laws
I will play fair
And strive to win
But win or lose
I will always do my best