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2015 BCB Board of Directors


Privacy Policy


The 2009 season was the first year BCB used an email newsletter for league announcements and information. This was very successful and will continue through the 2015 season.

This was a great help to keep parents, managers/coaches and team moms up-to-date and informed as to what is happening in the league.

Feel free to sign up for more than one of the lists, there are no restrictions on who may become list members.

The lists that are available are:

BCB Newsletter/Alert List - This is the main list that will have information from the Board of Directors that needs to get out to all parents. We will also send alerts to this list in the event of inclement weather that affects scheduled games throughout the season. Everyone should sign up for this list.

BCB Team Moms List - This list will contain information helpful to team moms. Both boys and girls team moms should sign up for this list also.